Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Clay Art part-2

Finally I bought the clay..but I wanted polymer clay...which I searched a lot but not found,,,,at last bought play dough....the problem with this dough is is too can make different parts separately and stick in to make anything....any ways...this is my first trial in play dough..I know it has not come very nice..but I am happy for what I have made for the first time.......I need lots of practice to become master in this clay dough art......this is only beginning.....


Just made 2 tree's and rock......

So here is some of vegetables....which any one can try.....its so much fun to make these shapes..

This has come out very son was not allowing me to make this flower and finely I give up and took a picture....

This fruit made when I saw a video how to make fruit from polymer clay..

This was one of my fav clay art till now I have made..My hubby also liked it very much...even my kid...

This is the same puppy using different colour combinations,,,,

These animals I tried ,,but its not perfect....or I can it has come out very bad.....but I hope all will recognize them at least..

Thank you for watching....see you all in my next part of clay art..with better ideas..and skills..

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Snow Every Where.....

In London this year we had great Snow fall.....I love the look ,,every where it will be pure white.....Just have look on some of those...

Saturday, 1 January 2011

My Clay Art Part-1

I am starting my post from the fresh new year.....So Happy New to all of you..

This is my new hobby of art,,Actually I bought clay dough for my kid to play(long back)..but few days back,,when i was sitting idol,,thought of doing some thing in the clay dough,,so few samples are here....
From that day I thought of doing one art every first day I made..(This is just basic and simple version)


And 2nd day...thought of doing..
Some other kind of flower:

And 3rd day,,Thought of doing different kind of
Flower Art:

Finally 4th day,,,I found these elephants..

elephants with Tree

and by that time my son took all the clay dough and thrown some where..Now decided to buy some new clay and continue this art..because I enjoyed very much while doing this kind of art...So next time will come with new and improved version of my clay art part-2