Monday, 21 February 2011

Clay Art part-3

I am again back with my clay art......This time I wanted to try some thing new..but my son is not allowing me to do anything decided to make some of these below..

A simple flower pot..

And a baby birthday cake,,,,

Now comes with a baby tiny slippers (blue)

baby tiny slippers (pink)

Now this is a silly snow kid wanted to do this,,,,so this is his art..

Here come a colour full butterfly..

And lastly this one I actually wanted to make a Dog shape but it turned in to a here is Jerry Mouse..

I hope all of you liked it,,,,,,I will be back soon with another bunch of art.....


Chitra said...

The slippers are cho chweet!

Charitha said...

wow woundeful art..i love those teeny tiny things..

i love to follow you..but i dont find any option to follow you..

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