Saturday, 1 January 2011

My Clay Art Part-1

I am starting my post from the fresh new year.....So Happy New to all of you..

This is my new hobby of art,,Actually I bought clay dough for my kid to play(long back)..but few days back,,when i was sitting idol,,thought of doing some thing in the clay dough,,so few samples are here....
From that day I thought of doing one art every first day I made..(This is just basic and simple version)


And 2nd day...thought of doing..
Some other kind of flower:

And 3rd day,,Thought of doing different kind of
Flower Art:

Finally 4th day,,,I found these elephants..

elephants with Tree

and by that time my son took all the clay dough and thrown some where..Now decided to buy some new clay and continue this art..because I enjoyed very much while doing this kind of art...So next time will come with new and improved version of my clay art part-2


anandhirajan said...

Hi chitra, I liked your blogs.Very apt name
keep it up.Feel free to visit mine too.

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